Connect with Confidence
Our Single Marketplace has benchmarked thousands of price points from hundreds of suppliers, provided only with the most competitive suppliers per service segment.

Service Availability matters. With estimated 15-minute proactive notification, 24×7 real-time monitoring and an ultimate comprehensive SLA, Single Marketplace delivers assurances.

Innovation is necessary
Ashdee Technologies brings innovation expertise to clients across domains on a broad spectrum of innovation needs – from understanding what innovation might mean for their organization to actualizing fully developed solutions. Our holistic, systems approach centers on building new value through developing innovation strategies, creating cultures of innovation, sourcing custom solutions through crowdsourcing, and implementing solutions in nuanced client environments.

Innovation drives sustainable value—the sum of matching an original problem with a creative solution. That’s why Ashdee Technologies has grown communities around an internal ecosystem of cultural spaces, events, and tools that are enhanced and inspired by our participation in the broader innovation community. We inspire our people to draw from the common connections between their knowledge, relationships, and experiences to achieve a steady flow of new ideas on a continual, recursive basis. We do this because it’s not where the ideas come from that matters, but the cultural process by which you assemble and develop them into market-applied innovations. Longevity, relevance, and competitive advantage demands innovation. While some call it “purpose,” we call it necessity.

Connectivity Simplified
Providing Direct, secure, scalable connectivity to the applications and data that drives your operations.

Ashdee Technologies Systems is the market place of IT Services. Eliminating the complexity of navigating today’s fragmented IT services landscape, Ashdee Technologies’ methodology simplifies the entire customer buying experience. This is why our largest service delivery partner MTN Nigeria trusts us to sell and deliver all of their services, we work on the same level of professionalism and ethics, bringing services to our mutual clients in a very effect and cost beneficial manner. We are very proactive in SLA fulfillment.

Design, Price, Order, Manage
Eliminating the complexity of navigating today’s fragmented IT services landscape, Ashdee Technologies’ methodology automates the entire customer buying experience.