Are you looking to move towards the latest technology?

Are you looking to further reduce your cost?

Are you experiencing inconsistent performance from your current VoIP carrier?

While network operators may have been using VoIP for years, Ashdee Technologies realizes this may be a new step for your business. VoIP offers businesses additional opportunities for productivity by offering the latest in technology performance, additional features and functions that can enhance and improve the way you do business.

Some benefits & features of VoIP

    • Consolidated carrier connections
    • Use an internet connection to originate and terminate your calls
    • Web based reporting and statistics
    • We use the highest quality SS7 networks for reliable trouble free calling (other companies may not)
    • Low cost calling, flat rate or rate per minute
    • Connect to multiple provider networks using your internet connection
    • Connect to multiple locations using your VoIP WAN and the internet
    • Simple extension dialling between remote locations

Feel free to ask us questions to better understand if your business is ready for VoIP.

VoIP may not be the best fit for all companies. Contact us to find out if your business is ready for VoIP.